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Unmanned Aerial System

    Keep Pace with the Times! Signalplus Providers All Antenna For Unmanned Aerial System.

    The terminal antenna manufactured by Qifan Antenna Factory apply to the Unmanned Aerial System,including Frequency range 4G/LTE,2G/3G/GSM,VHF(433MHz) etc.This type terminal antenna easy to install, signal stability, the unique flame retardant material and its HIGH IQ UV material,it can be adapt to the special use of the environment of the fire,the high land,on the sea.The stable antenna performance and signal coverage are concentrated to ensure that the Unmanned Aerial System can exert its best performance.

   Qifan Antenna Factory as a professional antenna manufacturer in China. Multiple kind of the Unmanned Aerial System terminal antenna are hot selling in overseas markets and have achieved good market reflects. Welcome to inquire details. 
      If you have an interest in our antennas, welcome to contact us by email (signalplus@163.com) or by Tel ( +86-755-84076381)

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