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High quality and durable

The outstanding representatives of the current antenna market, from designing, producing, testing and finishing the entire process of packaging, we have done very carefully, but also in environmental protection, also has a very good performance

Excellent team, industry elite

All the staff of the company have made great efforts to create famous brand products of distinctive features and quality with unremitting efforts. Company with high-quality personnel, advanced technology and first-class, perfect enterprise management

Advanced process technology

Wireless Science and technology progress, advocate green consumption, to allow consumers to fully experience the charm of the brand culture brings, specialized in functional antenna products, 4G LTE series, Wi-Fi series, LoRa series

About us

        Shenzhen Qifan Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. is specializing in the design & manufacture of wireless antenna within the 70 MHz to 6 GHz spectrum. Our extensive range of antennas include: Yagi antenna, Parabolic dish antenna, cell tower sector antenna, External wireless antenna, mobile antenna, Broadband and Ultra Wide Band Antennas for the Wireless, Public Security. Our antennas have been widely used for applications including: WiMAX, LTE, WLAN; Wi-Fi, Cellular Telecoms, RFID, Surveillance and Telemetry applications in the China and many other countries.

        Constantly roll out of new products with advanced technologies, and dedicated to expanding our existing range of antennas and of designing custom made solutions ensure Shenzhen Qifan Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. continue to provide high quality, cost effective antennas of outstanding performance for our loyal customers.

        Each antenna is individually tested before leaving our manufacturing facility and is covered by a two year limited warranty term.

        Most of our antennas carry limited warranty with free exchange for the first year, with No cost repair service.

        We offer free technical consultation, technical exchange, training and antenna selection.

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